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Reviver is a solo exhibition of Millicent Kennedy's work created during their nine month residency at Lillstreet Art Center. Their art practice collaborates with materials and time through performance, fiber, and print. Working with found & donated objects, Kennedy explores the lasting and fleeting nature of material experience. Drawn to the stories of our possessions, the art works in Reviver are made by dismantling inoperable tools and quilting them between screen printed and hand dyed fabrics. Held tight by many stitches, the shrouded objects are both preserved and buried. Several works contain objects that have a history at Lillstreet, including the dark room door knob coated with emulsion, broken locks and the trimmed ends of printing squeegees. Collectively these works illustrate an object's capacity to be a “mirror'' of a place or a “portrait” of the person using them. 

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